Friday, March 9, 2007


1) Goodwill. You can surprisingly get a lot of classics for, I believe, 50 cents. It doesn't get much better than that.
2) On Leestown in Meadowthorpe Plaza near Pops, Adam's Bookstore, has a lot of books you can use for class and a lot of pretty recent titles if you just want to. It's my favorite in Lexington. Black Swan is great for other things, but not dollars.
3) Unique Books, 227 Woodland Ave. A little more expensive, but still pretty okay.
4) The $1 room in Sqecial.
5) The UK library system! And the public library as well. You can just request an UK library card even if you're not a student and with it, you have access to a tremendous amount of books and DVDs - go here for a browsable list of all the library's DVDs (it's really impressive!) The public library also has a pretty good CD and DVD selection. Never pay money to see a movie again!
6) The Friends of the Library store in the bottom of the Main Street public library! Even better deals than Adam's and Unique, but a less good selection.
7) Half Price Books is a recent addition to Lexington. It's amazingly cheap and they have a really great selection of paperbacks in a wide array of topics (they even have really cheap art books), magazines, and records. They sell overstock and used books. Which is good because they're recycling books that might not otherwise be put to use. Bad because of the competition they bring for my cute little stuffy used bookstores.
and 8) Poor Richard's Books in Frankfort (233 W Broadway St.) It's the cutest little bookstore in these parts. I believe the first floor is full of new books, but the dark, musty top floor is all used. You can find some really amazingly weird books and I hear it's totally fun to make out up there.

Boo on Joseph-Beth's for putting the black, gay, and feminist magazines in the lifestyle section. And having a really crappy philosophy selection.

Also, good and pretty cheap (just shipping) - Paperback Swap, courtesy of Elisa.

Expect a post from Patrick soon about homebrewing and another one for me about cheap travel.


thedivineash said...

also down harrodsburg road near lane allen there is a place called the thrifty bookworm.

cheap cheap cheap.
lots of romance novels, but totally worth it to browse.
plus--great name! seriously.

cbass said...

Joseph-Beth's is evil in all respects.
Overpriced, poor selection.