Thursday, March 8, 2007

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Getting up early can be worth it. Most of these aren't free, but they're cheap.

1. The Muffin at Common Grounds: Buy a $2 cup of fair trade coffee, get a giant muffin for free (blueberry, banana-nut, chocolate).

2. The Free Sample at Krispy Kreme: Walk in, start drooling, and they'll give you a free, fresh, hot donut. It's polite to buy at least one, but there's no rule saying you have to.

3. The Special at Stella's: A small piece of quiche and your choice of about a bagillion other things like a muffin, coffee cake, a biscuit, a bagel, cheese grits. Actually, I think you can swap out the quiche for something else as well. It comes with organic coffee and everything is made from local products, all for just $5. They also have a giant, delicious pile of biscuits and gravy which sells for $2.

4. The Special at Magee's: I just had this for the first time yesterday. Oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins, a bagel of your choice (at least 4 or 5 kinds to pick from), and enough cream cheese to take home and eat later (the cream cheese comes in different flavors as well). Less than $4.

This is just the beginning.


Shanna said...

The cream cheese lasted me through 2 1/2 bagels! Which is excellent if you buy the wheat bagels at Kroger - 99 cents for a bag of them!

Patrick Smith said...

I believe the cream cheese at Magee's comes in the following flavors...
1) Garlic & Onion
2) Sundried Tomato
3) Honey & Walnut
4) (I forget) Cinnamon???

Patrick Smith said...

Oh, and don't forget the "quick start" special at Hannah's on Lime. $4.25 gets you 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, and 2 slices of toast.

cbass said...

The fourth flavor of cream cheese at Magee's is Strawberry.
I can personnally attest to its tastiness.