Thursday, March 8, 2007

Cheap Beer

1) Lynagh's (light of my life, fire of my loins)
$5 pitchers of Amber Bock
2) Gumbo Ya Ya's
Super tasty Abita and Purple Haze for $2 a pop.
3) Applebee's Happy Hour
1/2 off after 10 or from 4-6 (?) I believe. I'll make a seperate post about good happy hours. Annabelle's, though, has cheap Pop Rock Martini's!
4) Brew your own! Patrick gets a brewing kit for about $20 from Liquor Barn and gets, like, 5 gallons of beer out of it.
5) The workers at Alltech (who brews Kentucky Ale) get to take home insane amounts of beer every day. Work there.

Not cheap - Buster's $2 cans of PBR. Lame.

I also just read a zine written by some guy in Pensecola, Florida who would find dumpsters full of beer. Entire dumpsters! Now that it's getting warm, we should probably hunt these beer dumpsters out.

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